MHA Associates

MHA Associates Mission Statement

The mission of MHA Associates is to provide high-quality products, services, and opportunities to members of the Missouri Hemp Association.

Beliefs and Responsibilities

  • To provide high quality products, services, and opportunities
  • To treat MHA members fairly and professionally
  • To focus on developing opportunities in the Missouri hemp industry
  • To promote a spirit of partnership with members of the Missouri Hemp Association
  • To create value in the Missouri hemp industry
  • To pay attention to the needs of MHA members
  • To balance risk and set win-win goals


Associates of MHA are not independent contractors, employees, or agents of MHA. Being an associate in MHA shall not be construed to create any partnership, joint venture, employment, or agency relationship between you and MHA for any purpose. By virtue of being an associate, you have no authority (and shall not hold yourself out as having authority) to represent or bind MHA.

Our Associates is an organization comprised of growers, researchers, and staff focused on providing information, solutions, techniques, products, and strategies that improve grower productivity and improve the quality of crops grown on the farm. provides a line of yield-enhancing products that can be used on a wide variety of crops. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, high ROI products. Our products lead to higher yields and more money in growers pockets.

Phone: (844) 242-4367

Cape Law Firm PLC

Cape Law Firm was built to serve the people and businesses in the Ag sector. It's one thing to advise clients about the law - it is another thing entirely to understand how the law actually plays out in your business. Understanding how business, law, and agriculture fit together is what sets Cape Law Firm apart and how they deliver value to their clients.

Phone: (479) 856-6008

Great Plains Hemp Co.

Great Plains Hemp Company is focused on becoming a leader in wholesale CBD and hemp products by establishing a supply, production and distribution system throughout the US. Great Plains Hemp is establishing a product offering to include biomass, bulk CBD powder and oil, and a differentiated retail product line. Our focus is on building long – term supply relationships through acquisition, joint venture, and supply contract agreements and developing a wide range of consumer products based on medicinal and nutraceutical benefits to humans and animals.

Phone: (402) 302-0488

Kutak Rock

Kutak Rock’s Cannabis Services Group includes tax, corporate, mergers & acquisitions, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, and corporate finance lawyers, allowing us to provide a multidisciplinary approach to clients seeking to find their place in a quickly evolving industry.

Phone: (816) 960-0090

MoCann Extracts

MoCann Extracts is a CBD extraction company located in western Missouri. They partner with local farmers and work with you on extraction to help you determine the final product that you want to offer our customers. They and their farmers follow good production practices to ensure a high quality end product.

Phone: (816) 507-0035

Midwest Hemp Association

The Midwest Hemp Association supports the growth of the US Hemp Industry by focusing on technology and market development with the vision of creating the future through strategic partnerships.

Technology development focus will be on evaluating the germplasm base of the hemp genetics available for yield, regional adaptation, disease resistance and THC levels. The information learned will be utilized in developing premier breeding lines and varieties. We are working closely with leading national seed companies to deliver industry leading feminized seed for sale to growers and the industry.

Phone: (573) 338-6000

Neco Seed Farms Inc.

NeCo Seeds assists in the production, variety selection, identity-preservation, storage, conditioning, and packaging of agricultural products through a network of growers raising specific agricultural products on their farms. NeCo provides this service at various production sites throughout the United States.

NeCo Seeds is a company that provides added value and service to our customers through variety testing and selection, contract production, state-of-the-art processing, and by providing a top quality product.

Phone: (816) 862-8203