Canine Best Delights – Calm Down

The Canine Best Delights are 60 soft chews with Active ingredients Hemp and Ashwagandha Extract. They are FDA regulated, and made in the USA. It is a proven formula, petagens brain and mood enhancer, and all natural ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Recommended Dosage:

Up to 25 lbs = 1 biscuit

26-75 lbs = 2 biscuits

Over 75 lbs = 3 biscuits

Main ingredients: Hemp Extract, Ashwagandha (plant used for arthiritis, anxiety, bipolar, balance, insomnia, tumors, menstruel problems, helping body manage stress, and creating a balance in the body.), L Tryptophan (brain turns this into Seratonin), L- Theanine (promotes relaxation without drowsiness), Thiamine Monitrate (Vitamin B1), Passion Flower (for anxiety, sleep problems), Valerian Root (used for insomnia, and nervous tension), and Ginger Root (nausea, arthritis, is anti inflammatory).

Description: Calm is great for helping to relax, reduce anxiety, and as in the name keep pets calm. Is in Cheese, Beef, Bacon flavor.

Note: this product is not currently available for online purchase. If you are interested in purchasing this product, please contact MHA Product Manager Christina Plank at