MHA Staff

William J. Cook

Chairman of the Board

W.J. “Bill” Cook has been involved in agriculture for more than 50 years. Known by many as the patriarch of the new generation business in Missouri when it comes to identity-preserved grains, Cook brings a passion to all of his agricultural and rural endeavors, and he takes a systems approach to get the job done. Bill is excited to serve with the MHA and bring a new crop to Missouri farmers.

Meghan T. Dixon

Executive Administrator

Meghan and her husband Brad owned and operated an organic row crop and vegetable farm in Mid-Missouri. Being the mother of four was her motivating factor to get involved in organics and began advocating for organic agriculture in 2006 by volunteering with the Missouri Organic Association and is still involved as their Treasurer. She loves her work consulting farmers interested in organic agriculture and transitioning their farms to organic certification through the VISPS verification program. She is looking forward to assisting Missouri become a leader in hemp production through her work with the Missouri Hemp Association.