Hemp Subdivision Education Opportunities Available

Collaboration Announced Between MHA and Bela Vida Nurseries
May 13, 2020
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Hemp Subdivision Education Opportunities Available

Hemp Subdivision Education Only

The MHA team is excited to announce a new opportunity through the Native Prairie Research Hemp Subdivision project. Growers will have the opportunity to get hands-on education and experience with a hemp crop through the new “education-only” option of the subdivision.

Hemp Subdivision Education OnlyThe hemp subdivision is a project launched by the MHA and Native Prairie teams in 2020 to help growers learn about hemp production while lowering their risk. Growers were able to lease half-acre and one-acre plots, work with the Native Prairie team on all pieces of production and share in the end profit opportunities of taking a hemp crop through the CBD extraction process.

All of the plots that were available to lease have been spoken for. In response, the hemp subdivision project has added an “education-only” option for growers to be able to participate in the hemp subdivision without having to have a leased plot. Participants will be able to be involved in all aspects of the subdivision (planting, irrigation, harvesting, drying, etc.) for a one-time cost of $2,500. The only part of the project they will miss out on is the profit opportunities of the crop. As an added bonus, growers who participate in the “education-only” option will get a one-year membership to the Missouri Hemp Association.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating, contact the MHA office at (573) 416-0273.