Missouri Hemp Conference Program and Recent Hemp News

Industrial Hemp Research Officially Underway in Missouri
Industrial Hemp Research Officially Underway in Missouri
July 5, 2019
Missouri Hemp Conference 2019: Seed to Sale
Program Announced for Missouri Hemp Conference July 30th
July 15, 2019
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Missouri Hemp Conference Program and Recent Hemp News

Missouri Hemp Conference Program and Recent Hemp News

"If you intend on growing hemp in Missouri, this is a conference you need to attend." - Dale Ludwig, MHA Executive Director.

The program for the Missouri Hemp Conference 2019: Seed to Sale has been announced. We have experts from all over the globe that will be providing high-quality information and setting attendees up to have a successful 2020 growing season.

In hemp news, research plots for industrial hemp have recently been planted across the state of Missouri. This is a big success for our state, and will help us be successful in growing hemp next year.

Stay tuned to all of the Missouri Hemp Association's social channels to hear the latest in hemp news. If you are interested in growing hemp, be sure to purchase a ticket to the Missouri Hemp Conference at www.mohempassociation.org.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Dale Ludwig. I'm the Executive Director of the Missouri Hemp Association Today I would like to talk about the first ever hemp conference in Missouri that will be held in Columbia on July 30th. Before I do that I would also like to share a few of the exciting things that are going on in the hemp industry in Missouri.

We are getting some plots planted across the state with the universities that are taking a look at some varietal differences as well as seed production, how we handle nutrition, and some of those things. It will be exciting to watch that as we move through this shortened growing season. It does give us the opportunity to learn some things about growing hemp that we are going to need to know next year.

As far as the hemp conference is concerned, if you are intending on growing hemp in the state of Missouri, this is a conference that you need to be at. It is jam-packed with world experts. We looked at all of the different people and potential speakers that are going to give us the best idea of how we can be successful in growing hemp in the 2020 growing season. We looked across the entire world and found the best people that you could ever find for a conference.

It is interesting - we are getting a lot of phone calls with people asking about the conference. One of the guys that called in said "well you don't have anyone from Missouri on here. I was hoping to get someone who knew about growing hemp in the state of Missouri." That's all find and good and we do have one speaker from Lincoln University that is going to do a great job of telling us about the future of the hemp industry here, but the truth of the matter is we haven't grown hemp in Missouri for the last 80 years. Anybody that was alive and growing hemp 80 years ago isn't alive today and can't come and share experiences with us. Plus, technology has changed a lot - especially with CBD oil and those types of things - from what it was 80 years ago.

If you look across the agenda we have put together we have people that are going to talk about how we grow for CBD. We will have people talking that are focused on fiber, as well as on industrial seed, because it really is three different crops. We'll take a look at each of those. You'll learn about variety selection, where you find seed, how you acquire seed, etc. It's basically from seed to sale, which is the title of the conference.

We hope that you will leave this event knowing a great deal more about everything from seed selection to where you are going to sell this product once it's grown and produced. We're excited about this. We also have people talking about nutrients and how we can treat this crop in a manner that we are going to get the highest yields - the most potential production - out of those plants that we are growing.

We'll end the day with some of the research that is going on with our keynote speaker from California. We've got a speaker from Canada and one from Europe. We'll end with a panel discussion that allows you to ask questions that you want to know about so we make sure that whenever you leave the conference we have addressed all of the questions that you have. After that we will have a reception that the speakers will be at and if you want to talk with them one-on-one you will have that opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you. Make sure you get your reservations in on time because we do have limited space. We're confident that you'll know more about growing hemp that with any other conference that you could go to. We've got the best people in the country selected, and we would love to see you there.

See you on July 30th. Registration opens at 9:30 and the event starts at 10:30. Be sure to get your registrations in. Thank you. I'm Dale Ludwig, Executive Director of the Missouri Hemp Association.